Investing in Bogotá A no longer so secret tip for investors with a vision

Another politically and economically turbulent year is coming to an end. The worldwide protests in western democracies against social inequality, for freedom of expression, against environmental destruction, political inaction on climate change and political incapacity have also reached South America. With a sluggish implementation of the peace treaty and Venezuela as a source of unrest in its immediate vicinity, Colombia faces particularly acute challenges. Economically and socially, Colombia is nevertheless much more stable in comparison with other South American countries due to its constant growth and its strong middle class.
Despite this our projects in the center of Bogotá continue to develop. There is much to suggest that the newly elected mayor of the city will continue to consolidate the framework conditions on which our activities are based: to further develop the livable center of the 11 million metropolis in terms of mobility, green spaces and modernity while preserving its historical heritage.
We wish you an exciting and stimulating read as well as a successful and happy new year, even and especially in turbulent times: FELIZ AÑO NUEVO!
Colombia Companions

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