Be part of the transformation of the city center of Bogota – invest with us in unique, small and beautiful residential projects in the world-renowned Old City Center of the Colombian Capital, La Candelaria.

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You have lost confidence in the capital market. You can see that the investment market is characterized by bubbles that are far removed from reality. You know that good investments start with a good purchase and are a result of realistic and sensible assets. You observe that good investment opportunities are becoming scarce in Germany and all over Europe, and you know from your own experience that simple solutions often create an illusory reality. You realize that the investment world is bigger than the investment environment you are familiar with, and you sense that good opportunities are not necessarily obvious.

Yet you do not have the time to deeply involve yourself in new contexts on your own, and you struggle to find good, purposeful, and interesting investment opportunities.

You are ready to approach new perspectives, driving you to learn along the way and to advance into new environments – rewarding you with attractive and viable returns.

We are a team which has found a way. For decades, we have been deeply rooted in an emerging country that offers all these opportunities:  Colombia.

We want to share these opportunities with you!

Find out about our mission, vision and the results of years of engagement with the country of Colombia.

Investing in Colombia – a great opportunity at the right moment – despite Corona. Attractive returns and long-term value.

Invest with us in advanced and fair projects in the real estate, agriculture, and forestry sectors.