Our Story

Four questions for the initiators of their undertaking in Colombia:

1. When you travelled to Colombia for the first time, what fascinated or impressed you the most?

Markus Baumanns:

“Colombia is a country of many opportunities, filled with devoted, creative and hard-working people. It is indescribable beautiful, lively, and open for everyone who wants to become involved. In 2016 the country has started the irreversible process of permanently ending the decades long situation of violence. Therefore, the Colombia´s positive aspects have been enhanced.”

2. What were the crucial motives for the decision of an investment in Colombia?

Frank Sadowsky:

“Firstly, without a broad network there is no chance to establish a stable investment opportunity in a foreign country. That is why the strong anchoring of Markus Baumanns in Colombia, his contacts in crucial areas as well as his decades-long experience in the country convinced me to elaborate on the investment in Colombia.

Secondly, a country that has been involved in a difficult situation ridden with conflict and now finds itself at a turning point, usually experiences the gained liberty very intensively and therefore develops an incomparable will for progress. This is the perfect moment to enter a market and participate in the arisen opportunities. When we started our activities in Colombia, the country was at exactly this point in time.

And thirdly, our experiences in the German market have shown that many projects are only focused on the maximization of profit. The integral view of all parts which is required to establish stability, is often not applied which results in the failure of many investment ideas in the short- or long-term. In Colombia, the opportunity of long-term and sustainable projects is given. The possibilities to implement societal and ecological topics are varied and therefore establish the for the investment necessary basis.”

3. What is especially important for you during the development of investment opportunities in Colombia?

Markus Baumanns:

“In the context of the real estate investment, are we creating something that will generate a stable return in the long-term for us and our co-investors. We have studied the growing market of real estate in Bogotá in depth and know exactly where bubbles could arise, where not and how we have to act to not make the mistake to participate in one. We will set a new standard with our construction quality which suits the historic value of the direct surroundings of the colonial oldtown of Bogotá.

In the agricultural and forestry investment are we establishing a long-term and profitable business that has a strong positive impact on the social and ecological general conditions of the its surroundings. This is especially important for Vichada, a booming agricultural area that was controlled for decades by drug crime and violence and now relies on long-term investments.”

4. Where do you see the Colombia Companions in the future?

Markus Baumanns:

“We will have built up an investment company with the Colombia Companions that is the trusted advisor for investments from non-Colombians in this emerging country. It stands for a solid and thoughtful form of investment that is a highly profitable alternative to the completely uninteresting classical investments that only run towards dead ends.”