Social and Ecological Aspects

Social and Ecological Aspects

Social Aspects

  • We create prospects for the local farmers and show them alternative crops for a region, where coca plantations and pastures once dominated.
  • We generate jobs that stand out through fair, long-term contracts and locally usual conditions.
  • We promote environmental consciousness for the local population and provide education programs addressing topics like “Sustainable Farming” and “Waste separation and recycling”.
  • We sensibly communicate with the local population, we want to find out what moves and motivates them, avoid the formation of a parallel society and collaborate closely.
  • We offer education and training opportunities that will provide long-term prospects for the region

Our integral approach to our investment plans involves the idea to deeply engage with the local population and environment. We strongly distance ourselves from the idea of short-term profit maximization.

Social integration as well as a stable local network are from our point of view the key to a successful execution of the project.


Social Integration
Alexander von Bila and Markus Baumanns donated solar panels and computers to the school located in the neighboring village El Viento. Thanks to the continuous power-supply and internet-connection it is now possible for students and teachers to be connected to the rest of the world and be part of the digital progress of today. The quality of the It-classes has thus been improved and teachers now have the opportunity to participate in workshops via the internet.

Ecological Aspects:

  • With Cashew and Cacay as main crops we are cultivating two native species which are perfectly accommodated to the local ecosystem.
  • We deliberately aim to build up a mixed plantation consisting of a variety of plant-species and herbs which serve as base fertilizers and will eventually improve the soils fertility.
  • Cashew seedling
    Cashew seedling
    Cacay seedling
    Cacay seedling
    Paulownia seedling
    Paulownia seedling
    Moringa leaves
    Moringa leaves
    Hibiscus flower (Flor de Jamaica)
    Hibiscus flower (Flor de Jamaica)
  • We protect the century-old natural forests on our land from fire and deforestation
  • We plant new “Nativos” (native tree-species) which will lead to an extension of the natural forest and result in bigger biodiversity at our Finca.
Natural Forest
The natural forest on the Finca Cafmato is especially characterized by the moriche palm tree.
  • We exclusively use organic fertilizer, partly from our own production, partly purchased ready-made organic fertilizer and thus have established a high standard for a sustainable and organic cultivation.
  • Through the reforestation of the natural forest and the plantation we are creating a natural reservoir for carbon-dioxide and thus contribute to the improvement of the climate.

El Viento
A sign in the school of the village El Viento calls for the protection of the environment: “It is beautiful like this, let us not destroy it“
The biodiversity at the Finca Cafmato is impressive: There are countless species of birds, monkeys, snakes, ant bears and tortoises.

Please contact us, if you are interested in an investment opportunity. We would be pleased to arrange an appointment with you via telephone, Skype or through a personal conversation with one of the owners Markus Baumanns, Frank Sadwowsky or Torsten Schumacher.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!
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