• Company

    By Conviction

    Invest with us in advanced, fair projects in the agriculture and forestry sector and in real estate in the emerging country Colombia.

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  • Agriculture and Forestry Project

    Global Importance

    Agriculture and Forestry Project
    We are operating in demand stable and promising markets of growing global importance.

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  • Real Estate

    The Metropolis Bogotá

    Real Estate
    The dynamic population growth of Colombia´s capital reflects itself in the real estate market, where the demand for housing spaces has substantially increased over the last years.

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  • News - Real Estate

    Investor's Trip

    News - Real Estate
    The first investor´s trip to Colombia takes place at the end of march, where the participants will not only explore Bogotá´s real estate market, but also discover Colombia´s diversity through visiting the cities of Villavicencio and Cartagena de Indias.

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Biologische Pflanzenbeutel
Bogota Skyline
Bogota Skyline
Bogota Sehenswürdigkeit

Welcome to the Colombia Companions

You have lost confidence in capital markets,

You anticipate that today’s markets are characterized by irrational absurdities and dubious bubbles,

You know that good assets are a result of good and sensible investments,

You observe that good investment opportunities are becoming scarce in Germany and all over Europe,

and you know from your own experience that simple solutions are often ineffective.

You realize the span of possibilities goes further than the environments you are familiar with,

and you sense that to find good opportunities you must go further and discover new environments.

Yet you do not have the time to deeply involve yourself in new contexts on your own,

and you struggle to find good, purposeful and interesting investment opportunities,

you are ready to approach new perspectives, driving you to learn along the way and to

advance into new environments – rewarding you with attractive and viable returns.

We are a team which has found their way. For decades, we have been deeply rooted in an emerging country that offers all these opportunities: Colombia. We want to share these opportunities with you!

Discover it for yourself…